Thursday, 21 October 2010

Season 2010 - almost upon us

The advance party leave from Heathrow tomorrow, a couple of days ahead of the main GARP group. Hopefuly that will be enough time to sort out any last minute niggles and administration issues before the bulk of as arrive in Wadi Musa in the early hours of Monday morning.

This season much of the bulk technical equipment is travelling in it's flight cases with the pioneer group, with the hope that any delays that happen in processing the paperwork on entering Jordan can be absorbed by the two day gap. This will be a great help if so and should enable us to hit the ground running with the metal detecting team from the first full dig day, which is scheduled for Tuesday 26th October.

That is also the date on which this years GARP BLOG will properly commence, and I will be bringing daily reports with images, descriptions and tales of our experiences and finds to all our worldwide followers via this medium.

So, please either check back regularly, or indeed follow us using one of the fed methods at the bottom of the blog. It promises to be yet another fascinating season, with exciting finds, new discoveries and theories and much more of the unravelling of the mysteries of Lawrence, the Arab and Allied forces and their opposition along the route of the Hijaz railway during World War 1.


  1. I only spent 2 weeks with y'all but I cheer you on!

  2. Best wishes to everyone going on the trip this year; I hope you all enjoy it and that this visit turns out to be as successful as past years: may you make many exciting discoveries!